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Every project has a story.  Let me tell yours.

A residential real estate development is more than a building – for the buyer it is a place to call home.  There is a history to the surrounding community, a narrative to be explored.  Your project adds a new chapter to the chronicle and needs to be told.  I understand that defining and telling your project’s story should be the soul of our marketing message, with the goal being to establish emotional connection with prospective buyers.  I’ll help craft a compelling identity for your project.

It’s about the buyer.

It all starts with determining the most likely target markets for your project.  Once we have identified your audience, I can advise on anything from unit mix to architectural plans.  I’ll work with your team to ensure final finishes are not only marketable, but in line with what our target buyers want most in their new home.  I’ll then weave these elements into the story of your property.  This creates a powerful marketing message which will be spread through every channel from print to web to social media.

It’s also about the right partner.

A successful project is a team effort.  Pacific Union and I offer a myrad in-house resources as well as outside partners who are responsive and dependable professionals.  These include top-notch staging consultants, lending partners, photographers and web developers who understand our target audience.

Getting the word out.

It’s not enough to create flyers, network with agents in the area and post on the Multiple Listing Service.  Buyers use various media channels for real estate information, and you need to be where they are.  Technology changes rapidly, and so do my marketing strategies.

Most homebuyers will experience your project for the first time online.  I’ll make sure buyers find you early and often through a property website optimized for search engines, local and national brokerage sites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

It is important to launch an ongoing, systematic campaign months before you are ready to formally show the property.  This engages the community and builds excitement around the project.

Of course, your marketing plan may well include email and direct mail, public relations outreach and strategically placed print advertising designed to drive buyers to the online marketing efforts.

Experiencing the product

There is only one chance to make a first impression.  When prospective buyers first step into your project, professional staging and a warm greeting await.  Professionally designed custom brochures outline the key advantages to living in the project and drive traffic to further information online.  This is our opportunity to differentiate your project from the competition so it truly resonates with buyers.

Managing the process.

My team and I are experts in marketing, negotiation, risk management and escrow management.  We will consistently review the success metrics and any challenges we confront and adjust our efforts accordingly.  My goal is to maximize the success of the project and your return on investment.

Closing the deal.

There is an art to closing a deal and I love every aspect of it.  My work isn’t done until the buyers are fully oriented to their new home, to minimize issues that may arise later.

My overarching goal is to provide the smoothest path to the best outcome for your project – and that’s a story I love to tell.

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